Wenbo Guo

Wenbo Guo

Nanyang Technological University

Hello, I’m Wenbo, and I will be joining the School of Computer Science at Nanyang Technological University in 2024 to pursue my Ph.D. degree, advised by Prof. Yang Liu.

In 2020, I graduated with honors and earned my Bachelor’s degree from Sichuan University. I was subsequently offered a direct admission to graduate school at the School of Cyber Security at Sichuan University, where I continued my academic journey towards a Master’s degree. During this stage, I had the privilege of being co-advised by Prof.Fang Yong and Prof. Cheng Huang. In 2023, I successfully obtained my Master’s degree and was honored as an outstanding graduate by the Sichuan Provincial Government.

I look forward to continuing my academic pursuits at Nanyang Technological University.

  • Software Engineering
  • Cyberspace Security
  • Vulnerability Mining
  • Attack Detection
  • PhD in Software Engineering, 2024-

    Nanyang Technological University

  • MEng in Cyberspace Security, 2020-2023

    Sichuan University

  • BSc in Cyberspace Security, 2016-2020

    Sichuan University


An Empirical Study of Malicious Code In PyPI Ecosystem


Sichuan University
Research Assistant
Jul 2023 – Present


(2023). An Empirical Study of Malicious Code In PyPI Ecosystem. In ASE 2023.

PDF Project DOI

(2022). HyVulDect: A Hybrid Semantic Vulnerability Mining System Based on Graph Neural Network. In C&S.


(2022). Viopolicy-Detector: An Automated Approach to Detecting GDPR Compliance Violations in Websites. In RAID(2022).

(2021). Intelligent mining vulnerabilities in python code snippets. In JIFS.


(2021). No Pie in The Sky: The Digital Currency Fraud Website Detection. In ICDF2C.

PDF Cite

(2021). HackerRank: Identifying key hackers in underground forums. In DSN.


Honors and Awards

“Excellent Graduates”
“Sichuan University OPPO-CTF Competition Winner”
“Dahua Scholarship”
“Outstanding Graduate Class Cadres”
“National Inspirational Scholarship”
“Outstanding graduates of 2020”
“Second Prize of the 12th National Student Information Security Competition”
“Third Prize of the 4th Shanghai Student Cybersecurity Competition”